Tenant Screening Services Snohomish County

Property owners want to get their buildings occupied as quickly and efficiently as possible – but that doesn’t mean they want just anybody taking up residence. Bad tenants can be costly and can cause far more stress than they are worth. With our tenant screening services in Snohomish County, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that our rigorous background checks secure qualified tenants with excellent financial and rental histories.

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Tenant Background Checks Snohomish County

Before any potential tenant can proceed with their application, they need to pass our documented screening criteria. Every applicant goes through thorough credit record checks, as well as criminal record checks (where this is permitted). We also ask for references from past landlords and investigate how candidates conducted themselves in their previous rentals. You can rest assured that every tenant who passes these screening procedures will be an excellent fit for your property.

Reliable Tenant Screening Process Snohomish County

Each prospective tenant is required to fill in our detailed application and provide supporting documentation. We check their credit scores, verify their income, check references and conduct a background check, which includes searching for possible criminal records where this is permitted. We ask former landlords whether the applicants were good tenants, consistently paid the rent on time, and if they ever caused any disturbances or damaged any property. We won’t allow anyone to move into your property unless we are 100% satisfied that they are reliable and a good fit.

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Highmark Tenant Selection Criteria

It is likely that several good applicants will show interest in your property. In this case, how do we go about selecting the right one? First, our property management specialists check the following:

  • They have a verified monthly income, which is more than sufficient to cover rent, expenses and utilities
  • They maintain a steady work history
  • They have a great credit score (the candidate with the higher credit score will take precedence)
  • They have no history of evictions, bankruptcies or defaults
  • They have a history of paying all their bills on time
  • There is no history of dangerous criminal activity

If we need to narrow the field even further, we might ask some additional questions, such as why they left their last rental, how long they stayed at the previous property, and whether they are smokers or have pets. It is even worth asking former landlords to offer an overview of the tenant’s character.

Risk-Free Property Management Screening Solutions

We have so much confidence in our screening solutions and criteria that we offer a 12-month performance guarantee and Eviction Escape cover.

If your tenant fails to fulfill the entire 12-month lease term, we will re-rent your property at no extra charge. We understand that turning a property around after a sudden eviction can be costly, so we strive to keep the best tenants in your building.

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Our eviction rate is incredibly low – only .01%! Nonetheless, in the unlikely event that you have to evict a tenant that we have placed in your property, we offer $3,000 in coverage towards the legal costs incurred when removing the tenant.

Highmark Property Management is committed to finding and keeping the best tenants for our clients. Contact us to find out more about our tenant screening services in Snohomish County.