Property Maintenance Services Snohomish County

Maintenance is one of the major causes of stress for every property owner. The good news is that, as a property owner, you really don’t need to worry about it – just leave it up to us. We take those 3 AM calls from alarmed or irate tenants so you don’t have to. Our comprehensive property maintenance services in Snohomish County will help keep your buildings as good as new and your tenants happy.

Real Estate Maintenance Services Snohomish County

We offer prompt, 24/7 service that ensures that lights stay on, the water keeps running and the heating keeps working. We handle all repair and upkeep tasks to ensure that your investment is protected and your building remains in excellent shape. We maintain a well-connected network of service providers, including electricians, plumbers, HVAC specialists, building contractors and more. At any given time, we will be able to draw from our lengthy contact list perfected over the last 15 years and find the perfect contractor for the job – even at short notice and after hours.

Emergency Property Repair Services Snohomish County

We are happy to handle routine maintenance and solve problems before they occur, but most often, the real test of real estate maintenance services is the ability to deliver in an emergency. We are available to you and your tenants around the clock to coordinate any emergency repairs as and when necessary.

Routine Property Upkeep and Management

Never underestimate the importance of routine maintenance. Snohomish County property maintenance services are not just a matter of responding in an emergency. The most important part of our job as property managers is help you protect your investment, and that means coordinating regular upkeep work to prevent damages and breakdowns, and maintaining the property’s condition and value. Highmark Property Management will keep track of the condition of your building, and recommend maintenance work at certain key times – once every six months or once a year, as needs dictate.

Our Property Maintenance Guarantees

We uphold an exceedingly high standard with our real estate maintenance services in Snohomish County. That’s why our property management specialists are able to offer the following guarantees:

  • Troubleshooting: Why pay for a preventable expense like unblocking a jammed disposal or resetting a GFCI? These are problems that can easily be solved through some quick troubleshooting with your tenant. If you should raise concerns over bills of this kind, and we could easily have prevented the expense by more careful coordination and communication with the resident, we will cover the cost up to $500. We will not let you bear the cost of poor maintenance coordination.
  • Quick Fix Price Match: We know that you want to keep your maintenance costs as low as possible while still performing the essential work at a good standard. We work hard to maintain a network of service providers who are competent, reliable and affordable. If you are not happy with the cost of a maintenance task, and you are able to find an insured vendor who can do the same work at a lower price, we will cover the difference

Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to property maintenance services in Snohomish County. Contact Highmark Property Management and find out more about the services we offer.