Property Condition Reporting Services Snohomish County

There is a lot that can happen to a property while it is in the care of a tenant. It is not necessarily the case that a tenant will be negligent or destructive – this is very unlikely to be the case if they have gone through our comprehensive screening process. However, things can break, fittings can wear out and paint can chip. That is why it is so important to conduct a thorough property condition inspection between tenants. Our property condition reporting services in Western Washington will help you keep track of your building as it changes hands and ensure that tenant damages are documented in a manner that allows responsibility for them to repair.

Detailed Move-In/Move-Out Inspections Snohomish County

We use technology and a highly detailed inspection checklist to provide thorough reports of the property’s condition when tenants move out and when new ones move in. We offer a highly accurate and all-encompassing report of the property’s condition at the time of tenant transitions.This meticulous documentation is just one of the ways we protect your real estate investment. Normal wear and tear is an owner’s responsibility, but a clear record gives you the leverage needed to hold tenants responsible for damages.

Periodic Property Inspection Services Snohomish County

Snohomish County property condition reporting services are essential if you want to keep track of the state of your building. We want you to know firsthand that the property is in great shape, the tenants are taking pride in ownership, and no lease violations are taking place – our inspections solve them all. It helps you maintain a close watch on your investment, but it also ensures transparency for you and your tenants. Periodic inspections help everyone involved to know without doubt who should be held responsible for defects and damages.

Highmark Real Estate Condition Documentation

We have developed a detailed set of property condition documentation better than any similar forms and checklists offered by other property managers. There is not a single part of the building is left out. We inspect every wall, every door, every light fitting and faucet, and a whole lot more. Take a look at our inspector’s report and see for yourself how comprehensive it is.

Tenant Accountability and Property Care Reporting

The main purpose of real estate condition reporting services in Snohomish County is to ensure that tenants are held accountable for any damages they might incur. More specifically, we need to ensure that the right tenant is held liable. That is precisely what our property care reporting does. By comparing the move-out report with the move-in report that was compiled when the tenant first took up residence, we can see exactly how the property has changed during the tenant’s lease period.

Any damages and defects that might have arisen during the intervening time can be placed squarely at the feet of the outgoing tenant, unless it can be shown that simple wear and tear is to blame – although our maintenance services should have covered that. You will never again have to argue with a tenant over your property’s condition. Our property condition reporting will provide all the evidence you need.

Property condition reporting services in Snohomish County are essential for rental property owners. Contact us today to find out about these and other service that we offer to landlords throughout the region.