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Our success is built on advanced marketing techniques, utilizing AI, professional photography, and 3D virtual tours, supported by a network of over 23,000 real estate brokers. We increase visibility and demand through strategic online syndication across 100+ platforms, Facebook targeted ads, Zillow 360 tours, and SEO-optimized AI descriptions. This approach ensures we attract the best residents by maximizing exposure and engagement.


  • Occupancy Guarantee:

    • We are so confident that out systems will attract a quality resident that is for any reason we are unable to find a qualified tenant in the first 21 days on the market we will cover the rent until we place the tenant.
  • Perfect Price Protection:

    • There is no worse feeling than planning for a monthly rent rate only to find the market can’t support it and unfortunately, Pms uses this to earn your business every day. At Highmark, if we are unable to place a tenant at the agreed-upon rate we will not charge you a leasing fee. A price drop is a ball drop – we only win when you win.


All potential applicants must pass our documented screening criteria to proceed with any rental listing. We conduct thorough background checks on all potential residents, including credit, rental history, and criminal background (when allowed), to ensure the right fit for your home.


  • 24-Month Performance Guarantee:

    • If for any reason* your resident is unable to fulfill the 12-month term of their lease. We will re-rent your home free of charge. We know turnover costs are high so our goal is to find and keep the best tenants in your home.
      1. Eviction Escape: With less than a .01% eviction rate this is statistically a non-issue, however in the event an eviction does take place we want you to have peace of mind. To support the process we offer $3,000 in coverage to go towards legal expenses in removing the resident.


Keep abreast of your property’s fiscal health with our streamlined Monthly Statements and Reporting. This service delivers comprehensive and user-friendly financial statements each month. You’ll gain a transparent view of your property’s earnings, expenses, and other essential financial indicators, crucial for effective property management and decision-making. Year-end tax preparation makes life simple, simply provide your CPA with our summary and they will have everything they need for your preparation.


  • Prompt Payment:

    • Most management companies hold onto funds until the end of the month, unfortunately, bills don’t follow that timeline. Our prompt payment guarantee gives you peace of mind knowing that we will send you rent funds within 5 days after collection or we will not charge a management fee. We don’t get paid if you don’t get paid.
  • Quick Switch Transition:

    • If you are unhappy with your current management company we will cover the cost to terminate and move your account to Highmark. Don’t let early termination fees be a reason you settle for subpar performance.


We take the 3 am phone calls so you don’t have to. Our service provides 24/7 maintenance coordination, offering prompt and effective management of all repair and upkeep tasks. This ensures that your property is consistently maintained to a high standard, with issues being addressed swiftly at any time. This commitment to ongoing property care helps in maintaining the property’s condition and value.


  • Troubleshooting:

    • Few things are more frustrating in owning a rental property than seeing a bill for something like jammed disposal or GFCI reset. Our troubleshooting guarantee will cover up to $500 for any maintenance item that could have been fixed through simple troubleshooting with your resident. Poor maintenance coordination is not a cost you should bear.
  • Quick Fix Price Match:

    • We understand that keeping costs down is one of the main ways to increase the return on your rental. While all of our vendors are screened to ensure they are good, affordable, and reliable there are cases in which you might feel the cost was not justified. Our commitment to you is if you can find a licensed, bonded, and insured vendor who can perform the work for less (up to $500) we will cover the difference.

Condition Reporting

Advanced Move In/Out Condition Reporting service, which leverages the latest in technology and detailed inspection methods. Our approach offers a highly accurate and all-encompassing report of the property’s condition at the time of tenant transitions. This meticulous documentation process protects your investment and ensures clear responsibility is established with residents. Don’t just take our word, have a look for yourself (include a link to the inspector’s report).

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