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Property Management Services Snohomish County

Are you looking for comprehensive property management services in Snohomish County? You need a property management provider that can combine personal care and attention with expertise and tested, proven systems.

Highmark Property Management is your number-one choice. We are a small agency that offers direct, personal attention to each client, but through our strategic partnership with The Joseph Group, we are capable of services with real scale and depth, as we leverage our partnership with one of the region’s largest firms.

Our Snohomish County property management services include Property Marketing, Tenant Screening, Resident Placement, Accounting, Maintenance Coordination and Condition Reporting.

Property Marketing Services

Property marketing can be a complex process, involving a mastery of strategy and design, and a strong understanding of consumers, their needs, and prevailing market conditions. We have developed advanced strategies that combine a thorough knowledge of the Snohomish County property market, powerful AI tools, professional photography, and 3D virtual tours. We utilize our network of over 23,000 brokers to market properties quickly and effectively, finding the best tenant in the shortest possible time.

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A miniature house along with some documents related to the house.

Tenant Screening Services

Once potential tenants start to come forward, the next step is a careful screening process. You need to ensure that your properties are occupied only by the most qualified tenants you can find. Screening can be difficult for property owners, so it is best left to professional property managers. We conduct thorough background checks on all potential residents, including credit checks, Verified Income, criminal records (where allowed) and verified rental histories, to help ensure that you always have the right fit for your building.

Property Management Accounting Services

Our real estate management services in Snohomish County include accurate accounting and financial reporting. We make the financial aspects of property ownership easy with our streamlined reporting services. Each month, you will receive a user-friendly, comprehensive statement detailing your property’s expenses, revenues and other financial indicators. From month to month, you can keep track of your building’s profitability and general financial standing, helping you make well-informed decisions. We will also help with year-end tax preparation by providing you or your CPA with a complete summary of your property’s income and expenses, making it easy to get your tax filing ready each year.

An architect going over building plans with a happy couple.
An architect going over building plans with a happy couple.

Property Maintenance Services

Maintenance is essential for all property owners, but it is also one of the biggest causes of stress and tension between landlords and tenants. With Highmark Property Management Services, you will never have to worry about maintenance. We will take the 3am phone calls from your tenants, and we will use our extensive network of service providers to ensure that plumbing, electrical work, heating, air conditioning and structural maintenance are all professionally and cost-effectively handled. We provide 24/7 coordination services so that every repair can be arranged and resolved with maximum efficiency and minimal delays.

Property Condition Reporting Services

One service that sets our property management solutions in Snohomish County apart is our meticulous property condition reporting. We have developed an advanced Move In/Out Condition Reporting Service. We conduct detailed inspections during tenant transitions to ensure that the responsibility for any damages is placed exactly where it belongs. Our inspections are aided by advanced technology and documentation that helps avoid misunderstandings and protect your investment. You don’t need to take our word for it – take a look at the documents we use to conduct the most thorough condition investigation and reporting in Snohomish County.

If you are looking for property management services in Snohomish County, or if you have any questions, contact Highmark today.

A miniature house along with some documents related to the house.